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Is your LIC policy closed, will get 30 percent discount on resume

LIC policy : Life Insurance Corporation of India Limited (LIC of India) has once again given people the facility to resume the discontinued policy. Under this, people will get 30 percent rebate on re-starting the policy. 

1- Due to this, the policy stops

Many times people forget to pay the premium on time after taking the policy. In such a situation, the policy lapse on non-payment of premium. If you want to continue the policy, then pay the premium of the policy on time.


2- Profitable deal

Starting a discontinued policy is a profitable deal because the premium of the insurance policy is determined by age. If the discontinued policy is restarted, then some late fees will have to be paid.

3- Will have to answer questions related to Covid-19

However, before starting the policy, some questions related to Kovid-19 will also have to be answered. This is because such a guideline has come from the government.

4- Facility will also be available in satellite office

There will be a facility to restart the policy which has been closed for five years. This facility will also be available in LIC’s satellite offices across the country. During this time, people will not even need to undergo special medical tests. During this period, consumers will be allowed to resume prematurely discontinued policies with certain conditions.

5- Facility will be available by 6 March

LIC has decided to continue this facility till 6 March. Earlier, such a campaign was also conducted from August 10 to October 9.

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