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ITR Filing Online: File income tax returns online by sitting at home, follow these steps!

ITR Filing Online Income Tax Return Online Filing which is also known as e-filing is an easy way for taxpayers to file their home sitting returns with it as now ITR-1 is already full, it should check there are two ways to file your income tax returns online.

Thousands of people in the country fill income tax returns every year but when it comes to filing income tax returns, people sometimes hire a CA when it comes to filing income tax returns, but if you want to file itr by yourself, you can follow the steps yourself and easily file itr by sitting at home.

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But in case of filing income tax returns, you must know which category of textiles you are and which ITR form you have to fill.

Income tax returns sitting at home online anyone can follow easy steps and file if your annual income is more than 5 lakh, you need to file a return online and you need to know certain things in filing returns by yourself.

How to file ITR online

First you have to visit the official website of the Income Tax Department.

If you are going to file a return for the first time, you need to register on the website.

There will be three options on the website, the first option will be to register and self click on this option and register yourself.

After registering you will be asked for user ID keep in mind your pan card number is your user ID.

You should have mobile number and e-mail ID as OTP will be sent to your mobile number before registering the department.

Click the login button after registration is done

To log in, you have to click on the login button across the user ID (PAN) password and date of birth capcha code.

You then click on the e-file tab

First, choose which ITR form to fill and which assessment year is
Click the Original tab if filling out original returns

Click Revised Return if filling in revised returns

Then click on the Prepair and submit ITR online option.

Then fill in and save all the information asked in the new page as the session timed out, all the information filled will disappear.

Filing of online returns will have to be filled correctly in the form of all basic information like name, PAN, addresser, date of birth, e-mail, mobile number etc.

After filling all the information in the form, save the form before you are completed and check the data you have filled in once so that there is no mistake.

Then click on the Sabmat button and the ITR form you filled will be uploaded on the department’s website.

Then you have to verify your ITR Filing Online (income tax return).

Ways to verify income tax returns

If you have uploaded a digital signature, it will be verifi with the ITR form submission, and you will not need to do any other verification and you will not have to send itr-i-CPC Bengaluru also.
But if the people who file an e-verification income tax return (ITR) without digital signature from electronic mode, they are to verify it within 120 days of ITR uploading. There are 4 ways to:

1. Through Aadhaar OTP

2. Logging into e-filing account through net banking

3. Through Electronic Verification Code (EVC)

4. If you receive the form sent to the Income Tax Department by sending the signed copy on both sides of itr-V to Bengaluru, the e-mail and mobile messages will arrive.

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