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Jasmin Bhasin left the house wearing very tight clothes, everything was caught on camera; Watch Video

A video of Jasmin Bhasin, who was seen in TV actress and Big Boss, is going viral. In the video, Jasmine was seen posing in front of the camera in tight clothes.

New Delhi: Jasmin Bhasin, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 14’, remains very active on social media. Recently a video of Jasmin Bhasin has surfaced in which the actress is seen wearing very tight clothes. This video is going viral on social media.

Wearing tight blue clothes

In this video you will see that Jasmin is wearing blue clothes. In the video, Jasmine was seen wearing a very tight top of the same color with blue tights. The figure of the actress was clearly visible in these tight clothes. To complete her look, Jasmine has done open hair and is wearing goggles.

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Old video going viral

This video of Jasmin Bhasin is quite old viral which is now going viral again. While posting this video, it is written in the caption that this video was when the actress was waiting for boyfriend Ali Goni in the lobby.

Before this, the picture of wearing a bangle went viral.

Jasmin Bhasin recently shared a picture of herself on Instagram. Talking about the picture, Jasmine was dressed like a new bride in this photo. A red bangle was seen in her hands, which had drawn everyone’s eyes towards her.

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What happened to the marriage?

Seeing this picture of Jasmin Bhasin, the fans started making all kinds of speculations. Everyone wanted to know did Jasmine really marry Ali Goni? Thousands of comments had come on this picture in no time. Every other comment showed the same question, has Jasmin Bhasin secretly become Mrs Goni with Ali Goni. Sharing this picture, Jasmine wrote in the caption – ‘Shining and smiling.’



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