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Jio Prepaid Plan: Complete list of all prepaid recharge plans of Reliance Jio: Price, validity and everything you need to know

Reliance Jio All Prepaid Plan List: Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom service provider offers a wide range of recharge plans for its Prepaid customers. The prepaid plans range from as low as Rs 119 to as high as Rs 4,199. Jio currently leads the market with the highest user base thanks to its aggressive pricing and free bandwidth for all of its users.

Let’s take a look at all the Jio Recharge Plans 2023 and their benefits.

List of Reliance Jio Recharge Plans 2023 (From least to highest validity):

Jio Recharge Plans 2023 (Prepaid)ValidityData BenefitVoice callsSMS
Rs 11914 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimitedNA
Rs 21914 Days3GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 14920 Days1GB/DayUnlimited300 SMS
Rs 19923 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 24923 Days2GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 17924 Days1GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 15528 Days2GBUnlimited300 SMS
Rs 29928 Days2GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 39928 Days3GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 60128 Days3GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 29630 Days25GBUnlimited100/Day
Rs 47956 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 53356 Days2GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 39584 Days6GBUnlimited100/Day
Rs 66684 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 71984 Days2GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 89984 Days2.5GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 99984 Days3GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 119984 Days3GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2023252 Days2.5GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 1559336 Days24GBUnlimited3600 SMS
Rs 2545336 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2879365 Days2GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2999365 Days2.5GB/DayUnlimited100/Day
Rs 4199365 Days3GB/DayUnlimited100/Day


Jio Top Trending Plans

Rs 29928 Days2GBUnlimited/100 a day
Rs 33328 Days1.5GBUnlimited/100 a day
Rs 49928 Days2GBUnlimited/100 a day
Rs 66684 Days1.5GBUnlimited/100 a day
Rs 71984 Days2GBUnlimited/100 a day
Rs 99984 Days3GBUnlimited/100 a day
Rs 2023252 Days2.5GBUnlimited/100 a day
Rs 2999365 Days2.5GBUnlimited/100 a day
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