Jitin Prasad may be included in UP cabinet, BJP’s Brahmin card before elections, know who else can get a chance


Before the start of the UP Vidhan Sabha Election 2022, the way for the cabinet expansion of the Yogi government seems clear. From the politics of UP going on in Delhi for the last two days, it has become clear that there will be an expansion in the cabinet. Vacant posts in the government will be filled with new faces. In this episode, Jitin Prasad, who came from Congress to BJP, can also be administered the oath of minister.

Nitin Prasad can become a minister: Here, according to the news that is being received from the sources, then Jitin Prasad, a strong leader from the Congress to the BJP camp, can be included in the UP cabinet. The first reason for this is that, BJP does not have any big Brahmin face in UP, the second reason is that the MLC elections are to be held in UP in the next month i.e. July. In such a situation, Jitin Prasad can prove to be a trump card for BJP.

Kinko-Kinko can get the post: It is worth mentioning that for a long time there has been speculation about cabinet expansion in UP. But the way the developments have changed in the last two days, it is clear that the BJP high command has made a special plan for UP. One, the BJP’s search for a Brahmin face in the form of Jitin Prasada has been completed. Second, AK Sharma, close to PM Modi, can be included in the cabinet. For the past several days, AK Sharma is also seen very active in the politics of UP.

Round of meetings in Amit Shah’s court: BJP has become alert due to the crushing defeat in the UP Panchayat elections. She does not want to lose UP at any cost. In such a situation, the party has joined in making a strategy from now on. Union Home Minister Amit Shah is holding regular meetings regarding this. He has held a meeting with Apna Dal’s Anupriya Patel and Nishad Party chief Dr. Sanjay Nishad. Amit Shah also indicated that in UP the BJP will run by saving the alliance.

Many posts are vacant: Let us tell you, more than a hundred posts are vacant in UP, including the chairmen of the Minorities Commission, Scheduled Castes Commission, Backward Classes Commission. Four MLC seats are also getting vacant. In such a situation, the way to include new faces in the UP cabinet is clearly visible. Apart from this, there is not much time left in the assembly elections. In such a situation, BJP does not want to leave any stone unturned to give a new edge to the UP election campaign.

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