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Kanpur train accident video: thousands of lives endangered by the name of the young man, the incident captured in camera shakes the heart

Kanpur, A video went viral in Kanpur city on Saturday morning, which shocked people. The name of a young man was clearly seen in the video, due to which the lives of thousands of people were endangered. He escaped leaving the bike on the railway track at the crossing and flew off the bike as soon as the train arrived. RPF has started searching for the youth based on the number of bikes.

Actually, Rawatpur railway crossing was closed at around 4 pm on the Kasangaj-Anwarganj rail route. A super fast train was going to come from Kasganj, which was going towards Central. The gateman had closed the gate of Rawatpur crossing, despite many of its vehicles riders getting their bikes under the barrier. Meanwhile, a young man also pulled out the bike barrier and reached the railway track. Meanwhile, suddenly seeing the train coming in front, leaving the bike and ran backwards. People made noise but by then the superfast train arrived. When the train crashed into the bike, the bike flew away.

The pieces of the bike bounced off the train and kept falling around, although the pieces caused no damage to hundreds of people standing around the crossing. There was a discussion among people that if the bike got stuck in the wheels then the train could also be derail, which could have caused a big accident. However, thank God, the people standing in the vicinity of Kasinga and the passengers in the train were safe.

The entire incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed nearby, whose video clip went viral on Saturday morning. People were shocked by watching the video. RPF has started a search for the young man with RTO registration by taking the bike. The public relations officer of Ijjat Nagar division Rajendra Singh said that it is the youth’s fault to cross it even after the gate is closed. Action will be taken against the youth in the Railway Act.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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