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Kisan Andolan: Virat Kohli tweeted after Sachin on farmer movement, said this

New Delhi: Even after several phase negotiations between the farmers and the government, which have been agitating against the three agricultural laws of the central government for the last two months, nothing has been made. Meanwhile, on January 26, there was a view of violence in Delhi. The government is claiming that the enemy country is plotting to weaken India under the guise of the peasant movement. The government has called for keeping the country united.

Virat Kohli’s response has come in support of Team India. Kohli tweeted that we should all be united in this era of disagreement. Farmers are an integral part of our country and I am sure that an amicable solution will be found between all the parties so that there can be peace and all can move forward together. With this tweet, he has used #IndiaTogether.

Earlier, Lord Sachin of cricket also reacted to the farmer movement by tweeting it with the India Together hatch tag. He tweeted, India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. External forces may be spectators but not participants. Indians know India and can take decisions for India. Let us stand united as a nation.

Not only the cricketer, but the big personalities of the film world have also given their reactions to the farmers movement. Everyone has called for a united India. Earlier, global celebrities including American pop singer Rihanna, Sweden’s climate activist Greta Thunberg, American actress Amanda Kearney, Meena Harris, niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, cast their views on the peasant movement.

Just after that, the Foreign Ministry had to issue a statement. The Ministry of External Affairs has said that some vested selfish groups are trying to impose their agenda on the demonstrations and there are some objections to the very small section of farmers in some parts of the country about the agrarian reforms passed after full discussion in Parliament. The ministry said in a statement, “We will request that before making hasty remarks in such cases, the facts are investigated and a proper understanding is developed on the issues.”

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After a strong response from the Ministry of External Affairs, the Foreign Minister has also put forth his point. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar tweeted with the hashtags ‘India Together’ (India is united) and ‘India Against Propaganda’ (India against propaganda), ‘Inspired campaigns targeting India will never succeed’.




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