Lab technician took sample from girl’s private part on the pretext of corona test in this big hospital of the country

  • Maharashtra: Disgusting act of lab technician in Hospital Amravati Hospital
  • Sample taken from the private part of the girl on the pretext of COVID-19 test
  • Accused in police arrest, Minister of Women, Child and Development demands strict action

new Delhi. These days there is an outbreak of coronavirus everywhere . Many people are living in fear of this epidemic (COVID-19). At the same time, some people are not yet fully aware of this virus. In this episode, a shameful incident has happened in a large hospital in Maharashtra (Amravati Hospital), which has embarrassed humanity. 

The lab technician here took samples of the swab from the private part of a girl, on the pretext of the corona test. The revelation of this incident has caused a stir in the entire hospital. At the same time, the police (Mumbai Police) has arrested the accused and the case is being investigated.

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Disgusting act with girl in hospital

According to the information, the man named Alpesh Ashok Deshmukh is a lab technician at the Trauma Center in Corona (COVID-19) of Amravati Hospital. At the same time, the 24-year-old victim girl works in a service center in the hospital. An employee in the department was found to be corona positive, after which all employees of the department were asked for a corona test on 28 July. The victim girl also reached for the test. During the test, accused Alpesh Deshmukh said that it is necessary to take a sample from the private part for the exact result of the corona. The girl was not informed about this, so she did not object. After this she moved to her home. The victim girl at home discussed this with her brother. When the brother got suspicious, he took information about this from the doctors. However, Doctors said that there is no such rule.

Police arrested accused

The victim’s family then informed the police about the entire incident. The police have registered a case of rape against the accused and arrested the accused and started investigating the case. At the moment, interrogation of the accused continues. At the same time, this incident has created a sensation in the entire hospital. Here, Women and Child Development Minister Yashomati Thakur said that strict action will be taken against the accused. Let me tell you here that even before this, many women have been molested and raped in the guise of this epidemic.

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