LIC Customer Attention ⚠ : LIC’s pension scheme to be closed, only 4 days left for investment


The Jeevan Shanti Policy of LIC is going to close in a few days. If sources are to be believed, it will be closed on October 20. In such a situation, you have only a few days to invest in it. The biggest feature of this policy is that you can get a guaranteed pension of Rs 10,000 every month for a lifetime by paying only 1 premium. Let us know in detail about this policy.

With this policy you can start getting pension immediately. If you want, you can start getting pension even for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. The minimum age for this policy is 30 years and maximum age is 85 years. You can invest at least 1.5 lakh rupees in a life peace policy. There is no maximum investment limit. You can also take a loan on the policy 1 year after the commencement of pension, while you will also have the option to surrender the policy 3 months after the commencement of pension.

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How to get pension of 10 thousand rupees

The Jeevan Shanti policy has 2 pension options, including intermediate (immediately) and deferred (later). In the intermediate you will get instant pension while in Deferd you will start getting pension benefits after a few years. Keep in mind that you should not be more than 85 years to get instant pension. If you pay a single premium of Rs 20,00,000 in this policy and choose the intermediate option, then you will start getting a monthly pension of Rs 10,067 immediately.

Some assured option

If a 37-year-old person chooses option ‘A’ of the policy, under which he gets a pension per month, he will have to pay a premium of Rs 20,36,000 at the same time for opting for the sum assured option of Rs 20,00,000. On paying this premium and opting for policy option ‘A’, you will immediately get pension. You will be eligible for a monthly pension of Rs 10,067. Pension Options If you want, you can get a monthly pension of Rs 10,067. Apart from this, you also have the option of taking a pension of Rs 30,275 in three months, Rs 61,300 in 6 months and Rs 1,24,600 in 1 year.

How long will the pension be received

Pension under this scheme is provided as long as the policy holder survives. The pension ceases after the policyholder dies. Under different pension plans at intervals of 5 to 20 years, Jeevan Shanti Plan has the option of pension on your deposit at 8.79 to 21.6 percent annually.

You can also take policy online

You can avail this policy both online and offline. LIC’s website is an online pension facility. At the same time, offline policy can be taken through LIC agent. Under this scheme, one can invest anywhere from 1.5 lakhs. Lumpsum on your deposit on a plan of 5 to 20 years will be fixed at a pension of 8.79 to 21.6 percent annually. The higher the return period, the higher the returns will be.

Maximum pension at 5 lakhs

Suppose, at the age of 30 or 35, you are depositing Rs 5 lakh in a lump sum in the policy and after 20 years, ask to determine the pension. So you will get pension at the rate of interest of around 21.6% per annum. In this context, after 20 years, you will get Rs 10.08 lakh every year or Rs 9 thousand every month. If your deposit is Rs 10 lakh then the monthly pension will be Rs 17500 i.e. Rs 2.10 lakh annually. You can also get these returns on monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis.


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