LIC: Daily 80 rupees, get 28,000 rupees pension, know plan


New Delhi: Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the most trusted institution. Investment in its policy is safe in every respect. Being a government institution, money cannot be drowned here. Investing in LIC policy is the first choice of the people. The company offers term policies, life insurance, pension, endowment etc. plans.

Investing in its policy, from accident to any kind of risk where insurance is available. At the same time, returns on maturity are also good. This is the reason why most families in the country have taken some form of life insurance policy.

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Get 50 lakhs to invest 80 rupees a day

Please tell that today we will tell about LIC Jeevan Anand policy through news. This policy is of great benefit. So let us tell you about the specialty of this policy. By investing 80 rupees per day, you can get 50 lakhs.

Know how old people can invest

Give information that at least 28 years old person is eligible to invest in this policy. This plan offers returns under a term of 25 years. It is considered as the best policy of LIC for more bonus facility, liquidity and net investment. LIC is one of the best selling insurance policies.

50 lakh rupees will be returned

Now the question is how and for how long do we have to invest 80 rupees daily in this policy so that we can get a hefty amount of 50 lakh rupees in the returns. Let’s try to understand this with an example

Age: 25

Term: 35

DAB: 1000000

Death Sum Assured: 1250000

Basic Sum Assured: 1000000

Here is the complete calculation First Year Premium with 4.5% Tax Annual: 29555 (28282 + 1273)

Half Yearly: 14939 (14296 + 643) Quarterly: 7550 (7225 + 325)

Monthly: 2516 (2408 + 108) YLV Mode Average Premium /

Daily: 80 First Year Premium After 2.25%

Tax with Annual: 28918 (28282 + 636)

Half Yearly: 14618 (14296 + 322)

Quarterly: 7388 (7225 + 163)

Monthly: 2462 (2408 + 54) YLV

Mode Average Premium / Daily: 79 Estimated

Tax Savings per annum: 5911 Estimated Return at time of

Maturity: Sum Assured: 1000000

Bonus: 17, 15,000

Final Additional Bonus: 23,00,000

Total Estimated Return at Maturity: 5015000 + 1000000 Life Time Risk Cover Pension Start

Age: 61

Yearly: 348023

Half Yearly: 169319

Quarterly: 83671

Daily 80 rupees, get 28,000 rupees pension

Understand that if a person starts investing in a 35-year term plan at the age of 25, then he will have to pay first year premium with 4.5% tax. This will be Rs 29555 annually. At the same time, the customer will have to pay Rs 80 daily according to this. However after the first year premium it will be Rs 79 with 2.25% tax. According to the above calculation you will get Rs 5015000. Apart from this, you will start getting pension from the age of 61. You will get a pension of 343423 rupees annually (from maturity amount). At the same time, it will be Rs 27664 when it is converted in months.


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