LIC gave a big chance, get your money immersed in this way


This is how money accumulates

The money which is of a policy that someone forgets or is not claimed for the policy after the sudden death of a policyholder, then keeps collecting with LIC. LIC allows its customers to get information about similar money. You can check your outstanding claim or outstanding money sitting at home. You will get information from LIC website for money. You have to provide the necessary information on the LIC website, which includes name and PAN number etc. Your name and date of birth is the most important detail. Let’s know the step-by-step method.

Learn about the outstanding money in this way
Visit the home page of LIC website. Find the necessary link at the bottom of this page. If you have trouble finding this link, then type Unclaimed amount at the corner of the home page and type in the search option. Here, now enter your required details and get the information about the stuck amount. If you come to know about any such money then you can contact Direct LIC. After that apply for that money claim. LIC will start the process of giving that money after KYC. KYC so that there is no scope for fraud.

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Nominee is unknown
The nominee is often not aware of such money. It also happens that policy documents are not available. In both these cases there is no claim for money. In the case of a nominee, it is also necessary to know his name as a nominee and it is also necessary to have the necessary documents with him. Also, do not forget to update the nomination in the policy.

Here is the direct
Here we are giving you a link to the direct website of LIC where you can check about any such policy directly. You will not need to go to any other site or check.


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