LIC: In this policy of LIC, one has to pay premium only, then will get fixed income throughout his life


Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest government insurance company in the country. Even during the Corona crisis, this insurance company has made a lot of profit. Life insurance corporation (LIC) still trusts crores of people of the country. Today many private companies have come in the field of insurance, yet people consider it better to take a policy of Life Insurance Corporation. The reason is that their money can never be drowned in it. While investing in it gives an advantage over maturity, in the event of an accidental death, family members also get financial security. Just now LIC has launched a new plan. LIC has given information about this by issuing a statement. Learn about this plan

New Jeevan Shanti Plan 
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has launched a new Deferred Annuity Plan ‘New Jeevan Shanti’. In the New Jeevan Shanti Plan, the annuity rate will be fixed only while purchasing the policy. Then at the same rate, after the completion of the term of the period (a fixed period), the person buying the policy will get an annuity for life.

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Meet two options
New Jeevan Shanti Policy can be purchased both online and offline. In this, there are two options of annuity for the insurer. Under one option the person taking insurance can take a deferred annuity plan for himself and under another option he can take a deferred annuity for joint life with a relative. Joint life plans can be taken with your close relatives. It may include grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, spouses or siblings. 

The nominee will get the money
under the single life plan, as long as the annuitant survives, he will continue to receive annuity at the reference period and at chosen intervals (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually). At the same time, in the event of death of the insured, the nominee will get death benefit. Under the Deferred Annuity Plan purchased for joint life, both the persons will continue to receive annuity at the interval chosen at the reference period as long as they are alive. The death benefit will be given to the nominee in case both of them die.

Annuity rate
joint life plan can be purchased on a plan of more than 5 lakhs by paying a minimum of 1.5 lakh rupees. In this, annuity can be taken monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually at the rate of 12 thousand rupees. No maximum limit has been fixed for purchasing this policy. If you take a plan of more than Rs 5 lakh, the annuity rate will be higher. 

Policy can be taken for disabled family member  
This policy can be taken for a disabled family member dependent on himself for a minimum of 50 thousand rupees. Apart from this, a loan can also be availed from Life Insurance Corporation on this policy.

What age can people choose this policy? People from
30 to 79 years can take this policy . This policy has a minimum term of 1 year and a maximum of 12 years. However, the maximum vesting age is 80 years. Westing Age means that at what age will you start getting annuity. An annuity means how much money you will get at regular intervals after the reference period. The reference period means how long after the purchase of the policy will the annuity begin to accrue.



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