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Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey was bowled in front of the camera, bathed in the open area, Munawar said – the makers will give away the trophy before the finale

Contestant Poonam Pandey of Lock Up has been in constant discussion about her bo*ld personality in the show. Poonam has now decided to take a bath openly in the show. Know how the rest of the contestants reacted on this bo*ld decision of Poonam…

The faster the Lock Up show is moving towards its finale, the more interesting the game is. Now something like this was seen in the latest episode, which you will also be surprised to hear. Shivam Sharma and Poonam Pandey decided to openly take a bath in the yard area. Why weren’t you surprised?

Seeing Shivam, Poonam decided to take a bath in the open.

Actually, the idea of ​​​​bathing openly was Shivam’s. She first sat in the yard area with a bucket full of water and started bathing in the open wearing trousers. In such a situation, Poonam Pandey and Sayesha said having fun that it is unfair that Shivam is taking a bath wearing pants.

Hearing this, Shivam took off her pants and started bathing only in underwear. Seeing Shivam taking bath openly, Poonam also decided to take a bath in the same yard area. Poonam told her plan to Saisha and Payal and said that she is doing it for the audience.

Sayesha and Prince go inside the jail and tell Munavwar and others that Poonam is planning to openly take a bath in the yard area. Prince says – That’s why I am not going out. Munavvar also says – I am also not going, because I am fasting.

Munawwar Farooqui had fun

After this, while talking about Poonam, Munavvar says – The chances of her leaving have increased, because the makers got what they wanted. Now Poonam you can go, because we got what we wanted.

Prince says – whoever wants to see Poonam, they will continue to vote for her till the end. They would like to see what she does next. On this, Munavwar laughs and says – the makers will make her win before the finale. He will give her the trophy a week in advance and tell her that let’s not waste anyone’s time. However, the makers have not aired the footage of Poonam taking a bath in the yard area.



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