Lockdown latest news: Lockdown ending on May 31, what discounts are possible from June 1

lockdown kab tak khatam hoga: Corona virus lockdown 4.0 is ending on May 31. But then what after that? There are reports that Lockdown 5.0 is being prepared. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself can mention it in Mann Ki Baat on 31 May. This lockdown can last till June 15 but will be heavily discounted.
There is no statement from the Central Government on Lockdown 5.0 yet. There is a Mann Ki Baat program on 31 May, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi can also speak on Lockdown 5.0. It may involve trying to open most things. See what discounts can be available in Lockdown 5.0

11 cities will be focused

Corona Lockdown 5.0 will focus primarily on 11 cities. This includes Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Thane, Indore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat and Kolkata. These are the cities with more Corona cases.

Difficult to open school by June 15

School opening is difficult at the moment. Schools and colleges can be kept closed till 15 June. Anyway, state governments have said that schools will open only after summer vacation.

Metro may start, international flights are banned

The government has already started rail and domestic flights. Metro service can also be resumed from June 1. Yes, international flights will still be banned.

States can open places of worship

The decision of whether to open religious places or not can be left to the state governments. Karnataka government is already writing to PM Modi seeking permission to open religious places from June 1.
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Salons, gyms and shopping malls may open

After saloon, the Modi government may leave the decision to open gym and shopping malls to the state government. However, it is not possible to open them in the Containment Zone. Except in some places, including Delhi, bridges are opening in other places.


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