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LPG cylinder subsidy: So now the central government is reducing LPG LPG cylinder subsidy, know the whole matter

LPG Gas Subsidy: In April 2020, a domestic gas cylinder used to be sold for Rs 785.50 and subsidy in the bank account was Rs 199.10. But now the subsidy is coming to 40.10 rupees.

During the Corona period, the common man has to face double wounds from all sides. On one hand, the prices of vegetables and petrol are increasing every day, on the other hand, the facilities that are being given to the common people by the government, cuts are being seen. For example, in April 2020, a domestic gas cylinder used to be sold for Rs 785.50 and on this there was a subsidy of Rs 199.10 in the bank account. But now it is 40 rupees 10 paise. This raises the question that is there a gradual increase in subsidy from the government?

Is the government reducing gas subsidy? In many media reports, one reason for the removal of subsidy in domestic cylinders is the increasing black marketing. According to reports, usually no more than 6-7 subsidized cylinders are needed in a family of 4 people in a year. While 12 cylinders are made available to LPG consumers in a year on subsidy. Some people sell the remaining cylinders in black.

To prevent this, the subsidy has been withdrawn.Subsidies not removed from the government’ When we asked this question on behalf of tv9 Hindi, energy expert and senior BJP leader Narendra Taneja, he said, “The government has not taken any such decision as a policy. If the subsidy amount is coming down in the account of some people, then the reason for this may be the fluctuation in the calculation between the gas company and the customers.

Like- If ever a company has transferred more amount in the account of its consumer, then next time it can put less amount in the consumer’s account on behalf of the company. The government has nothing to do with this.

On the question of black marketing, he says that if there is some black marketing as an exception, then a decision like removing subsidy cannot be taken. Black marketing is not a trend. Only a few people can do this.

If the subsidy did not stop, why did the demand fall?

A market report has shown that the demand for domestic cylinders has decreased in the past few months, while the demand for cylinders found in marketing rates has increased. The reason for this is the gap in the prices of subsidized and non-subsidized cylinders.

According to a report, the demand for domestic gas cylinders has been reduced by 20 percent in many cities. Commercial cylinders have worked to meet this demand to a great extent.

The cylinders found in the market rate are many times cheaper than the domestic cylinders found in black. Therefore, it is also being seen that instead of buying cylinders in black, customers are thinking better to buy commercial.

Is the government ending the subsidy?

The first question is whether the government is ending the subsidy? But the answer is, no such policy decision. Then the question is why subsidy money is getting reduced in people’s account? So the answer is the question between the company and the consumers.

Then the question is, was the subsidy not reduced to stop black marketing? The answer to this is that black marketing is not happening on a large scale. Therefore, no decision has been taken on this basis.

Then the question is, what is the reason that people have reduced to take domestic gas cylinders? Are they getting commercial cylinders at the same price in the open market? The answer is no. Whatever may be the reason, but it is certain that there is enough number of people whose subsidy money is coming to their account.

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