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LPG : How To Check LPG Price in Your City | Complete List | Explain Informalnewz

LPG Cylinder Price Hike: On the first day of September, the common man (AAM AADMI) has been hit hard by inflation.

Government oil companies have increased the prices of domestic gas cylinders for the second time in 15 days. Just on August 18, the companies had increased the prices of domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 25, now as soon as August ends, on September 1, the oil companies have again increased the prices of cylinders by Rs 25.

That is, within just 15 days, the non-subsidised domestic LPG cylinder has become costlier by Rs 50. At the same time, the companies have also increased the price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinder by Rs 75.

Commercial gas cylinder too expensive

After this decision of the oil companies, now the price of non-subsidized 14.2 kg LPG cylinder in Meerut has increased to Rs 890 (LPG Cylinder Price In Meerut), while in Delhi it has increased to Rs 884.50 (LPG Cylinder Price In Delhi).

Oil companies have also made commercial gas cylinders expensive. Its price has now increased to Rs 1693 per cylinder. Earlier its price in Meerut was Rs 1618. The prices of commercial cylinders had also increased by Rs 70 on August 18.

How To Check LPG Gas Subsidy Online | watch video

Prices not increased in May, June

Let us tell you that since January 2021 till now, oil companies have increased the price of domestic LPG cylinders 7 times, whereas only once on April 1 they had reduced only Rs 10. Since January, the prices of non-subsidised domestic gas cylinders have increased by Rs 190.25. On January 1, 2021, the price of LPG cylinder was Rs 694.

Now on September 1, the price of cylinder is Rs 884.50. There was no change in the price of domestic cylinders in May and June this year.

Check LPG Price in Your City

City Rate of 1st September 2021 Rs per cylinder (in round figure)
Delhi 885
Mumbai 885
Kolkata 911
Chennai 901
Lucknow 923
Agra 898
Jaipur 889
Patna 975
Indore 913
Ahmedabad 892
Pune 888
Gorakhpur 947
Bhopal 891



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