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Madalsa Sharma crossed all limits, wearing only a bathrobe, gave bo*ld poses in front of the camera

Bo*ld Photoshoot: TV actress Madalsa Sharma is known for her looks and dressing sense. At present, Madalsa Anupama is playing the role of Kavya in the TV serial. In this show, the actress has made so much space in the hearts of people with her negative character that everyone has started knowing her by the name of TV serial more than her real name. At the same time, the actress has got such a photoshoot done on social media wearing a bathrobe that seeing her photos are becoming viral. See the pictures of the actress in which the fans are also surprised to see her bo*ld style.

Looking at these pictures, it seems that the actress has got this photoshoot done in her bedroom. In the pictures, the actress is giving hot looks in front of the camera wearing a bathrobe. In which the fans are losing control over their hearts after seeing their performances.

In these pictures, Madalsa is wearing a white color bathrobe. Along with this, a coffee mug is held in his hand. In the pictures, the actress was seen working the magic of her killer looks.

Looking at these pictures, it seems that Madalsa is wearing this bathrobe braless. Along with this, in the picture, the actress was seen flaunting her body by opening the bathrobe from the side of her leg.

Anupama’s Kavya has shared these pictures on Instagram. The caption read- ‘Love life and live it the way you want to live.’

Fans are commenting on these pictures of the actress and are also giving their opinion on this coat of hers. Let me tell you. Madalsa Sharma is the daughter-in-law of Mithun Chakraborty. The actress is married to Mimoh. The actress keeps sharing her cozy pictures with Mimoh every day.

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Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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