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Malaika Arora fails in front of the bo*ldness of the maid of Mirzapur’s carpet brother

Everyone gave a lot of love to Mirzapur, the most popular web series of the OTT platform. Every dialogue and scene of this web series has been taken down by people in their hearts in such a way that the dialogues and scenes of this web series are dominated on social media. Almost all the actors have their own identity in Mirzapur and this web series has gained a lot of popularity for all the actors.

The performance of actor Pankaj Tripathi, who played the role of Kaleen Bhaiya in the Mirzapur web series, won everyone’s heart and his work was highly appreciated. In this web series, a maid working in the house of Kalin Bhaiya can also be seen, but seeing the beauty of this maid in real life, everyone is crazy about her.

Actress Prashant Sharma, who plays the maid Radhika in the Mirzapur web series, is very beautiful and bo*ld in real life. Prashant Sharma is very active on social media and she is also a fitness freak. She exercises daily to keep herself fit. Prashant Sharma can be seen quite simply in Mirzapur but she is extremely bo*ld and glamorous in real life and her Instagram account is proof of that.

Prashant Sharma gained a lot of popularity after working in the web series Mirzapur. Apart from the Mirzapur web series, Prashant Sharma has also worked in web series like Office Office, Four More Shots Please, Illegal Justice Out of Order etc.

Prashant Sharma often updates her latest photoshoots and personal life information on social media and Prashant Sharma’s photo instantly goes viral as soon as it comes on the internet.



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