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Malaika Arora wore heels worth Rs 83 thousand, would beat her head after hearing the price of the dress!

Malaika Arora is fond of wearing expensive dresses, but this time she has worn a dress worth lakhs of rupees for a photoshoot whose price will blow anyone’s senses.

New Delhi: Malaika Arora is a fashion icon of the entertainment industry. Her every look is very much liked. Recently, Malaika shared a photoshoot picture in which she was seen in a green dress. This photo of her was very much discussed. The special thing is that the cost of this dress of Malaika is in lakhs of rupees, which is not everyone’s talk to buy.

Malaika Arora wore a dress worth lakhs

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It can be seen in the photo that Malaika Arora is seen in a green color gown. She is sitting on the bed and has given killer pose in front of the camera in which she is looking beautiful. This photo of Malaika became fiercely viral on the internet. You too will be blown away after hearing the cost of this Malaika dress.

The head will be stunned to hear the cost of heels!

According to Hindustan Times, this dress is available on Millia London website but to buy it will have to pay a heavy price as it costs in lakhs. This dress of Malaika is worth 2 lakh, 40 thousand rupees. Not only this, the head will be shocked to hear the price of the gold heels that Malaika is wearing. According to reports, the cost of Malaika’s heels is Rs 83 thousand. It is called Goldie Jolie 100mm. It is available on the Louboutin website.

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People make dirty comments on insta posts

Recently, Malaika Arora revealed during an interview that when someone makes dirty comments on her post, her parents get very sad and tell them about it. But, Malaika also pacifies the parents by explaining them. During a conversation with Pinkvilla, Malaika told that she has asked her parents to ignore all these things.

A post shared by Maneka Harisinghani (@manekaharisinghani)

‘Parents get very upset’

Malaika Arora said- My parents always used to say that if someone has said this about you, someone has said that. One day I sat with her and told her to stop reading all this garbage. Don’t waste your energy on these useless things. After all, they are the parents, right? He gets upset when she hears anything. But when I tried to convince her, then she stopped saying such things.

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