Millions of PF account holders will not know this! Free insurance cover of Rs 6 lakhs is available


EPFO subscribers get a Free Life Cover (EPFO Life Cover). This life cover is available to them under the EDLI 1976 Rules. After the death of the PF account holder, the nominee can claim it.

new Delhi. The Provident Fund Organization (EPOF) provides financial coverage to EPF account holders even after retirement (EPFO Financial Coverage). However, very few people know that EPFO ​​also provides life cover. If an employee dies during service, then those EPF account holders get Rs 6 lakh as life cover. EPF account holders get this insurance cover under the EDLI 1976 Rules.

This cover is available absolutely free.
One of the experts on this matter says that EPFO ​​provides free life cover to all provident fund account holders. Under the EDLI 1976 Rules, every EPFO ​​subscribers get this cover absolutely free of cost.

In which case, the cover is available and who can claim the

amount for EPFO ​​subscribers, this amount is 20 times their basic salary or Rs 6 lakh. Whichever amount will be less of this, the subscriber will get that amount. This insurance claim can be claimed by the EPFO ​​Subscribers Nominee. If an employee has been ill for a long time or if he dies, then this cover can be claimed. Under this, the nominee gets to claim once under EDLI.

Recently, the Central Board of Trustees (CBT – Central Board of Trustees) has recommended to the Central Government that the minimum life cover limit be increased to Rs 2 lakh. However, the Central Government has not taken any decision on this matter yet. Under the EDLI 1976 Rules, only those subscribers do not have any group medical insurance.

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This rule can especially benefit those employees who work in industries or factories. Generally, such employees do not give benefit of group medical insurance to employers.


  1. Yes nobody knows about this. Neither the employer nor the EPFO authority expound to its subscribers. Let them put an advertisement regularly or give letter to each subscriber on opening the account.
    Gopalakrishna pv
    Retired manager lic of India
    Bangalore, 9448252325


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