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Modi government changed the rules, new LPG gas connection will be provided from just one document

If you are going from one city to another in the Corona era and you have to get a new gas connection, then this news is just for you.

The second wave of corona epidemic that is taking dangerous form in the country is continuously increasing the number of patients. After which lockdown and curfew are being imposed in almost all the states. After which the Petroleum Ministry has taken a very important decision in view of the common man’s distress. This decision is directly related to the common man’s kitchen.

Earlier you had to show many documents to get a new LPG connection. But in the Corona era, the Ministry of Petroleum has converted this paper into a single paper, liberating the paperwork of the common man. Which means that now you can take a new gas connection in any city of any state of the country by showing just one document.

Now know which is the document by showing which you can get a new gas connection.

To simplify this rule, the Ministry has removed the temporary address condition for getting a new gas connection. After which, it is no longer necessary to have a provisional address at the time of taking a gas connection. Now you have to show only an ID proof to get a new gas connection, after which you will get a new gas connection without any paperwork.

In view of the problems of the people, all the oil companies have been directed by the Petroleum Ministry about the new guidelines of the Ministry that instead of the existing arrangement, now a gas connection will be given to the customer on just one document.

In this regard, the Petroleum Ministry will soon issue new guidelines for customers seeking new gas connections. But it is very important for you to know which documents you can show to get a new gas connection.

First of all, let us tell you that if you show the identity card of any private company to get a new gas connection, then it will not be valid. If you are a migrant, you will get a new gas connection only by showing your Aadhaar card created by the government. For this you will not need to change the new address in the Aadhaar card.



Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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