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Money transferred online to wrong account? Do not panic – these tips will come back

Transferred money to wrong bank account If your money gets transferred to any account by mistake. So for that you have to follow the steps given below, from which your money will be returned immediately.

Transferred money to wrong bank account: Today’s era has become digital. People now prefer to transfer cash less Net Banking, UPI, online. Now most of the work is done digitally. Now money is transferred to everyone, no matter how far away they are, in a digital way. Even people pay online while shopping online. The special thing is that you do not need to carry cash with you all the time. For this, you just need to have a mobile phone, through which you save a lot on online money transfer. But in such a situation, people also make mistakes, in a hurry, they transfer money to the wrong account. Let us know what should you do if you have transferred money to someone else’s account by mistake?

Cyber Fraud do fraud

Let us tell you that the trend of online payment and money transfer has increased a lot for the past several years. In such a situation, the complaint of online fraud has increased a lot. Apart from this, some incidents were heard where Cyber Fraud takes away money from someone’s account by just giving a missed call. So you need to be alert.

On the other hand, if while making payment, your money has been transferred to another account by mistake or if some fraud has taken your money wrongly, then do not panic. You can withdraw your money. For this, you will first have to give complete information related to this to the bank, after which the bank will investigate the matter and after the completion of the investigation, if everything is found correct, then the bank will return your full money to you, but for this you have to accept some conditions. Will be

Follow these rules

  • First of all, you have to turn off your ATM card and internet banking service.
  • After this a complaint will have to be made in the police also.
  • Also, submit a copy of the FIR in the bank as well.
  • After this the bank will investigate the money withdrawn under the FIR.

    To get back the money transferred to an account by mistake, only a few steps have to be followed. First of all, contact your bank and tell that you have sent money to someone else’s account by mistake. Apart from this, go and meet the bank of whose account you have transferred money. If the money has been transferred to someone else’s account by mistake, then you can get the money back if you give proper proof of it. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), if money is withdrawn from your account without your permission, you will have to inform the bank within three days. You will get your full money back.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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