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Mother Wanted To Kill In The Womb, Loved Ones Did Not Support: Bharti Singh Of The Journey From Floor To Floor

Who does not know the famous comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ in India, friends, this show has made millions of people laugh and laugh. Friends, Kapil Sharma, who runs this show, is called Comedy King. While talking about the comedy queen on the other hand, she is considered to be none other than Tamga Bharti Singh. Till date no other woman has earned a name in comedy as much as Bharti.

Friends, let us tell you that ‘Queen of Laughter’ Bharti Singh has celebrated her birthday on 3rd July. Be it a comedy show or a reality show, Bharti Singh does her job well everywhere. Due to which there is a smile on the face of the people. Friends, today we are going to tell you such a thing about Bharti Singh, knowing that you will also be surprised.

Friends, let me tell you that as much as Bharti is smiling on the big screen, the journey of her life has been as difficult. Once during an interview, he told that his mother wanted to kill him before birth. For this he also tried many times. But God’s will was something else. Bharti also told that after birth, her mother raised her in many love and raised her.

Bharti further told in her interview that when I was two years old, the shadow of her father had risen from her head. His mother had to work very hard to raise the children. The comedy queen’s mother took up her responsibility in the midst of difficulties and started working in a factory. Bharti had told that she used to go to the NCC camp to avoid the troubles of the house.

Sometimes those people did not even get enough food. Apart from this, Bharti also had to work hard to study. He had enrolled in sports to get his college fees waived. Along with this, she used to go to college every morning at 5 o’clock to practice. So that they can get a coupon of Rs 5 for juice. Bharti told that she used to collect all these coupons and take many fruits to the house.

Friends, it is said that comedian Queen Bharti Singh used to do theater in Amritsar where one day she met Kapil Sharma, the king of comedy. It was he who asked Bharti to audition for ‘Laughter Challenge’. Bharti told that when she wanted to come to Mumbai to fulfill her dream, her mother supported her.

The people around said a lot on this and said that if this girl goes to Mumbai then she will not be able to get married. But Bharti’s mother, regardless of anyone, gave full support to Bharti to fulfill her dream and sent her to Mumbai.

After coming to Mumbai, Bharti’s life changed completely suddenly. And his future started getting brighter. He auditioned for ‘Laughter Challenge’ and he was also selected. After that he never looked back. And continued on the path of success in life. Bharti Singh has worked in many reality shows like ‘Comedy Circus’, ‘Kapil Sharma Show’, ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. Today she has become a big and well-known name of this industry.




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