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MP of the opposition party suddenly started beating the woman MP in the Parliament, the video of the ruckus went viral

There was an uproar in the General Assembly of the African country Senegal when an opposition party MP slapped a woman MP of the ruling party. A video of this matter is also going viral on social media. In the video, both the leaders can be seen fighting.

Leaders are often seen arguing with each other in the Parliament of any country. But slapping or kicking each other in the House is really surprising. One such shocking case has come to the fore from the African country of Senegal, where a Member of Parliament manhandled the ruling female MP in Parliament. An angry woman MP also threw a chair at the leader. The video of the fight between the two leaders is now going viral on social media.

When this uproar took place in the General Assembly, the budget session was going on. Meanwhile, there was a fierce debate between ruling party MP Ami Nadiye Ganibi and opposition MP Massata Samb. The debate escalated so much that Massata got up from his seat and started slapping the woman MP.

After being slapped, the women MPs also got enraged and threw a chair at the MP of the opposition party. Meanwhile, a large number of people present in the house came to intervene and tried to pacify both.

Why there was an uproar in the Senegal Parliament

Before the uproar, the budget session was going on in the Parliament of Senegal. During this, a female parliamentarian from the ruling party Benno Bokk Yakar criticized a Senegalese spiritual leader. The spiritual leader was criticized by the MP of the ruling party for opposing the third term of President Macky Sall.

Protest against the beating of a

woman MP A large number of people in power are protesting against the beating of a woman MP. This attack of the leader of the opposition party has been condemned by the party leaders.

A very strong reaction is also being seen on social media against the slapping MP. In many media reports, it is also being claimed that the female MP is pregnant and her child has been affected due to the beating. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

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