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My Mediclaim Plan: Pay 10 rupees every day and get life and health insurance up to 10 crores, know about this plan

Safety of large sum assured is available at low premium. You can prepare the family financially for any sad event in the future. 10 can cover themselves from serious illnesses and disability due to accident.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) MetLife offers a variety of term insurance plans that come with features like unlimited benefits, financial security for the family, health award. PNB MetLife Term Plan provides coverage up to Rs 10 crore. This term plan starts at Rs 10 per day and provides tax benefits under U / S 80C.

Anyone who is concerned about the uncertainties of their future and who wants to take care of their family and meet their needs, is advised to buy PNB MetLife Term Insurance. If a person is unclear about his health status, the person who wants to save annual tax under the Income Tax Act, is advised to buy PNB Term MetLife Term Insurance. With this, the person can get insurance as well as health coverage.

‘My Mediclaim Plan’

PNB MetLife Insurance has also started ‘My Mediclaim Plan’ under this, in which PNB MetLife Insurance and Care Health Insurance have a mixed partnership. In this plan, life cover is also available with Terminal Illness Rider. The entire family gets covered under Health Benefit. There is a discount of 7.5 percent on the premium.

Special feature of ‘My Mediclaim Plan’

The major feature of my Mediclaim plan is that it provides health and live cover under a single plan. The expenses incurred on taking this mediclaim are exempt under Section 80 (C), 80 (D) and 10 (10D) of Income Tax. In case of ill health, you get the facility of hospitalization and health cover for 540 days of treatment. On the ‘No Claim Bonus’ for five consecutive years, the amount of insurance increases to 150%. Under this, all those who have been insured, get health check up facility annually. It also includes children. Under this, there are 7500 chains of hospitals in which cashless hospitalization is available.

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In this plan, there is complete protection against death and terminal illnesses under Life Benefits. There are special rates in this plan for women. During the policy term, if the person taking the insurance dies or has a terminal illness then all the facilities of the term plan will be available. After giving this benefit, the policy will be sealed. Under this plan, financial freedom is given to his family even after the death of the insured. Children can fulfill their career dreams without any extra burden. It provides coverage up to 99 years.

Key features of the plan

  • – Large premiums are covered at low premiums
  • – Can prepare the family financially for any future tragic event
  • -Monthly income with a lump sum upon the death of the
  • -insured – Death of the insured But increasing the regular monthly income with a lump sum
  • – You can also include your life partner in the policy
  • – Incase of the birth of a first, second child, you can increase the sum assured up to 50%
  • -10 critical illnesses Can cover themselves with disability due to accident




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