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Navdeep Kaur won the title of Best National Costume by wearing ‘Kundalini Chakra’, why it is so special

Just a few days had passed when India’s Harnaaz Sandhu hoisted the country’s flag on the international stage by winning the title of Miss Universe 2021. Now Mrs World 2022 has been announced. Shaylyn Ford of America has won the title of Mrs World 2022. But in this competition Navdeep Kaur of India also gave a tough competition. She made it to the top 15 and won the title of Best National Costume. This victory of Navdeep Kaur is a big achievement for her and for India. Let us know who is Navdeep and which of her costumes are being discussed so much.

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Navdeep Kaur wore an outfit inspired by ‘Kundalini Chakra’ in the competition. This collection shows the energy that is transmitted between the chakras present in the human body, which is transmitted from the feet to the spine and then to the brain. This costume of Navdeep has been prepared by Eggie Jamin.

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The main motive of Navdeep and her costume designer behind wearing this costume was to highlight India on the international stage. First- to show the country’s artwork on an international stage like Mrs. World Stage, second- there is a glimpse of the country’s tradition in the costume, which should come out bright and tell the Indian culture well.

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Third- This is the theme which throws light on feminine energy and power. Fourth- A female Kundalini can better represent the snake energy. Fifth- Through this costume she had to show unique style and confidence.Navdeep Kaur’s costume is really great. Its styling and the motive behind it is completely different from others. Let us now know who is Navdeep Kaur who has raised the name of the country on the international stage.

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Navdeep is a resident of Kansbahal, a small town located in Rourkela city of Odisha. Navdeep, who has a computer science degree and MBA, worked as an assistant manager in a private bank before entering the beauty pageant. She has also been an assistant professor.

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In October 2020, Navdeep was the winner of Mrs India World. She was then selected to represent India in the Mrs World 2022 pageant. Mrs World 2022 event was held in Nevada, USA, Las Vegas.

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Navdeep Kaur was married to Kamaldeep Singh in 2014. They also have a five-year-old daughter, Jasleen. In a conversation with India Today, Kamaldeep Singh has expressed pride over this achievement of her wife. She said that the whole country and family are proud of her. Navdeep worked very hard for this and even left the job to fulfill her dreams.



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