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Neetu Kapoor was blessing everyone, on hearing the name of the daughter-in-law, she shuddered with anger, watch the video

Neetu Kapoor Video: Recently a video of Neetu Kapoor has surfaced, in which she was blessing everyone and suddenly she woke up after hearing the name of her daughter-in-law.

Neetu Kapoor Video: Famous actress Neetu Kapoor has a lot of sway in the film industry these days. She is judging a reality show, and has also done a film called ‘Jug Jug Jio’. Neetu Kapoor was blessing everyone because of her film. But as soon as she heard the name of her daughter-in-law, she got furious.

Neetu got upset after hearing daughter-in-law’s name

Neetu Kapoor remains a social media sensation these days. Her videos and photos keep going viral on social media every day. Once again a video of her is doing the rounds on social media, in this video she is seen saying ‘Jug Jug Jio’ and is also seen taking everyone’s praises and then a cameraman asked the actress for her reel daughter-in-law Kiara. Asked a question about her, on which she bifurcated and then went away without answering any question.

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Videos keep going viral

Videos of Neetu Kapoor while talking to the paparazzi often go viral. Even before the marriage of the son, Neetu Kapoor had created a lot of atmosphere in front of the paparazzi and then later revealed the marriage herself. Neetu Kapoor has become so busy after the death of her husband Rishi Kapoor that she returned to work the very next day after her son’s wedding and started flaunting her mehndi in front of everyone.

Neetu lives alone

You will be surprised to know that Neetu lives alone, not with children and she likes to be alone. In an interview, she had told that I believe in my heart, but do not climb on my head. When Riddhima stayed with me for a year during the pandemic, I was under a lot of stress as she could not go back. I used to get restless, I used to tell her, you go from here, Bharat is alone. I was sending her away by myself, because I like my privacy and I like to be like that.



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