Thursday, October 21, 2021

Netflix launched Free Plan for the first time, only these people will be able to enjoy, know whether you will be able to watch or not

Netflix has launched Free Plan. But this plan has been launched only in Kenya. This plan has not been launched in India. Therefore only Kenyan users will be able to use it.

New Delhi. Netflix adopts a variety of methods to connect people to its service. Last year it made some shows and movies free to watch without a subscription. Now Netflix has launched a new free plan. This is the first time where Netflix is ​​giving free service to the people for the first time. Netflix has launched this plan in Kenya. Users of Kenya will be able to watch movies, series without advertisements.

Users will be able to see everything in the free plan

Only a few movies and series were available in the free plan, but this time Netflix has kept everything free. Users will need to register to enjoy the free plan but will not be required to enter payment details. Netflix hopes that users will eventually pay for the subscription.

Netflix is ​​doing this for the first time

This is the first time that Netflix is ​​launching a free plan and one that is ad-free. The streaming service also confirmed that the plan has features such as parental controls and child profiles that are available to its paid subscribers. Free plan has already started in Kenya. However, there is no news about when and where it will be available in other countries.

Netflix offers two plans in India

Netflix is ​​known for certain plans that are exclusive to select markets. For example, it has two mobile plans in India. One is priced at Rs 199 which allows users to stream in HD on the phone or tablet. The other is the Mobile+ plan which costs Rs 349 but allows you to stream in HD on phones, tablets and computers. This free plan will not be available in all markets where Netflix is ​​already present.

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