New education policy emphasizes on making ‘job creator’: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed the grand finale of the world’s largest online hackathon. He said in his address that the new education policy emphasizes on making ‘job creators’. Addressing the students, the PM said that we have always been proud that in the past centuries we have given more than one scientist, technician, technology and entrepreneur to the world. But in a fast changing world today, India will have to change equally fast to play its effective role. 

The Prime Minister said that efforts to create new resources for online education or these campaigns like Smart India Hackathon, this is the effort to make India’s education more modern, modern, and the talent here gets full opportunity. He said that you will also see around you that even today many children feel that they are judged on the basis of a subject in which they have no interest.

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When parents have pressure from relatives, they start reading the subjects chosen by others. Efforts are being made to change this approach through the new education policy, the earlier shortcomings are being removed. There is now a systematic reform in India’s education system, an attempt to change both the purpose and content of education.

Addressing PM Modi, he said that I have always had great faith in the youth power of the country. Recently, the demand for Face Shields to rescue Corona had increased. The youth of the country came forward to meet this demand with 3D printing technology. The Prime Minister said that now the changes brought in the education policy, the languages ​​of India will progress, they will develop further. These will not only increase the knowledge of India, but will also increase the unity of India.

Emphasis on making job creators in the new education policy, the
Prime Minister said that the main architect of our Constitution, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, the great educationist of our country used to say that education should be such that it should be accessible to all, accessible to all. . This education policy is also dedicated to his idea. The new education policy emphasizes on creating a ‘job creator’ rather than a ‘job seeker’.

He said that this would be ensured what the students wanted to learn. India’s education system is now undergoing systematic improvement, efforts are being made to improve the purpose and content of education.


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