New feature in WhatsApp, new contacts will be added with QR code


A new feature has come in WhatsApp. The company is offering this feature to iPhone users in the latest beta update. The feature of this QR code name is that it will be very easy to add new contacts.

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is good news for WhatsApp users. The company has started rolling out the much awaited QR Code Support feature. With the help of this new feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to add new contacts. This feature works to a large extent like Instagram’s nametag feature. The feature company that came in the beta version is currently offering this feature only for iPhones. The stable version of this feature rolled out for the beta version may be released soon. Giving information about this feature in WhatsApp, WABetaInfo said that this feature will come soon for Android devices as well. WABetaInfo shared screenshots

WABetaInfo has shared some screenshots associated with this feature. In it, you can see how it looks in the feature. The QR code feature will appear next to the WhatsApp user’s DP name and in the status option given inside the settings. When users tap on this icon, they will see a QR code. Friends and scan and upload this QR code.After the feature rollout, this feature will be very useful for business users, this feature will be added with the existing share contact feature of WhatsApp.

Currently, users have to go to the attachment option in chat to share a contact. After the introduction of the new feature, it is expected to be quite convenient. The QR Code feature will prove to be of great use for WhatsApp business users as they need to share the number with more users.

WhatsApp has already been using QR code technology. The app provides the facility to scan the QR code on the desktop browser so that WhatsApp can be run on mobile as well as desktop. According to some reports, this feature of WhatsApp can be further modified. After being modified, users will be able to connect multiple devices to one account.

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