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New Wage Code: Good news! Those with Rs 50 thousand monthly salary will get 60% more profit, see calculation

New Wage Code PF Calculator: Before the implementation of the new Wage Code 2021, there is a lot of discussion about Cost to Company Cost to Company (CTC). There is a constant delay in the implementation of the New Wage Code. However, the Labor Ministry has made preparations for it. But, the draft is being finalized at the level of some states. Hopefully it will be implemented by the end of this year. If this happens then it will completely change the Take Home Salary, PF and Gratuity of the private job worker.

The biggest feature of the new wage code is that the cash in hand salary of private employers will decrease, but old age will be more secure. According to experts, if the monthly salary decreases, then there will be more deduction in PF. This will give a big fund after retirement. Along with this, Gratuity will also increase.

Understand Salary Calculation here

New Wage code PF Benefits: Talking about the existing structure, whose monthly salary is 50 thousand rupees and basic pay will be 15 thousand rupees. Then the amount of PF on retirement will be Rs 7,14,53,72.

At the same time, in the New Wage Code, the Basic Salary will be 25 thousand rupees per month. Then the amount of PF on retirement will be Rs 1,19,08,953. Here an annual increment of 5 percent has been taken, due to which the PF fund will increase further.

What is Cost to Company

New Wage code benefits: CTC is the expenditure incurred by a company on its employees. This is the complete salary package of the employee. CTC includes Monthly Basic Pay, Allowances, Reimbursement. At the same time, gratuity, annual variable pay, annual bonus etc. are included on an annual basis. The amount of CTC is never equal to the employee’s take home salary. CTC has many components so it is different. CTC = Gross Salary + PF + Gratuity

Basic salary

New Wage Code PF Calculator: Basic salary is the base income of an employee. It is fixed based on the level of all the employees. It varies according to the rank of the employee and the industry in which he is working.

Gross salary

New Wage Code PF Calculator: The salary which is made by adding basic pay and allowances without deducting tax is called gross salary. This includes bonus, overtime pay, holiday pay and other itemized allowances.
Gross Salary = Basic Salary + HRA + Other Allowances

Net salary

Net salary is also called take home salary. The salary that is made after deducting tax is called net income.
Net Salary = Basic Salary + HRA + Allowances – Income Tax – EPF – Professional Tax


PF Calculator online: The company gives allowances to the employee in lieu of the job. This may vary from company to company.

> HRA : House Rent Allowance is given to the employee in lieu of the house on rent.

> LTA : LTA is the cost of domestic travel to the employee. This does not include food, hotel fare.

> Conveyance Allowance: Conveyance allowance is given to the employee in lieu of the expenses incurred in going home from office.

> Dearness Allowance: DA is a living allowance. It is given in lieu of inflation. Its eligible are government employees and pensioners.

> Other allowances include special allowance, medical allowance and incentive or incentive.


New Wage Code PF Calculator: According to experts, in many companies there is a provision to reimburse the employee for treatment, phone expenses, newspaper bill. This amount is available separately from the salary. But only after paying the bill. Under the Income Tax Act, every reimbursement is tax exempt up to a limit.



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