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Nia Sharma sheds tears every day because of this, made a big disclosure about her illness!

Nia Sharma has disclosed about one of her diseases. Has told why she had stopped eating for her new music video.

New Delhi: Nia Sharma’s new music video ‘Phoonk Le’ has been released on January 10. From social media to every party, this song of Nia has been overshadowed. In this music video, Nia is getting a lot of praise for her sexy and sizzling dance moves. But she has now disclosed about one of her diseases. Due to which she was forced to starve during the shoot.

Food left to make the stomach appear flat

While promoting the music video, Nia Sharma talked about her body issues. She shared that she had stopped eating to keep her stomach flat for the song. During an interview with RJ Siddhartha Kannan, she talked about her bloating problem.

Nia cries due to illness

Nia said, ‘I have bloating problem, maybe it was in my mind that I am a girl who was thin all the time but it cannot be like this. It took me years to understand that my stomach cannot be flat 365 days a year. This is not possible, because I will eat, as soon as I put water in my stomach, it will swell. Sometimes I am not able to deal with this problem with any trick. I cry in the end, I have to face many problems.’

Nia was trembling before shooting

Nia further said that she was ‘trembling’ before shooting the ‘Phoonk Le’ video. She said, ‘I knew that if I had a little belly out before shooting, I would not dance. At times like these I go crazy, it’s a very bad thing.

Food was off

Talking about the preparation of the video, Nia revealed that she had stopped eating due to loss of appetite. She said, ‘I stopped eating, man. When I say I have stopped eating, it is not about dieting. I used to sleep hungry, I used to wake up hungry, I used to go to the gym hungry. Not even hungry, I was not feeling either, because I had lost my appetite. I just wanted to put so much effort into that song and I did, I was just looking at my stomach.’

Nia in ‘Bigg Boss 15’

Nia Sharma also recently came to promote her latest song video in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Weekend Ka Vaar. She made Salman Khan dance with her on the hook step of ‘Phoonk Le’.



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