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Nitish Kumar will be with Lalu again? JDU President RCP Singh gave a quick reply on RJD’s offer

The statement made by former Chief Minister Rabri Devi that RJD will consider Nitish Kumar to be included in the grand alliance, but JDU President RCP Singh said on Sunday that we are not standing before anyone. We have our own strength and our leader Nitish Kumar is a leader of great stature. They have their own identity and who speaks what does not matter.

Let us tell you that Rabri also said that what BJP did with JDU in Arunachal can do the same in Bihar. Till now the leaders of the second line of the RJD had been saying such things, but Rabri Devi also took this point forward. At the same time, Rabri Devi alleged that the law and order of the state has failed. There are incidents of robbery, murder and rape in broad daylight and the government is unable to do anything.

“Minister said, will not repeal the law, go to Supreme Court”: farmers said after talks

BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi, who lashed out at Lalu’s party, claimed that Lalu Prasad’s party could not stop his dozen MLA-MLCs from entering the JDU before the Bihar Assembly elections. His impractical promise to give government jobs to 10 lakh people in one stroke was rejected. Poor-laborers, youths and women are proving their loyalty to the party whose inexperienced dynastic leadership has given the mandate to sit in the opposition, with new claims of breaking the NDA MLA There is no political truth in them.

In the statement, he said that Rahul Gandhi greeted the new year by sending a message from an unknown place and said that his heart is with those farmers who are fighting against the ‘unjust forces’. It is clear from this statement that they are insulting the people by calling the elected government of 130 crore people in the world’s largest democracy an ‘unjust power’.



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