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Nora Fatehi was insulted by the casting director when she questioned the talent, the actress cried a lot

When Nora Fatehi came to India from Canada to earn her name, she did not know anyone in this country. In the initial days, he did a lot of struggle in Mumbai, whose bad memories are still fresh in his mind. Nora has told one such story in Kareena Kapoor Khan’s chat show What Woman Want, which will surprise you.

Nora said that when she was new in the industry, a casting director called her home and insulted her so much that she went home crying.

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Nora said during a conversation with Kareena, I was a casting director with whom I met when I was new to India. He made me feel that I should pack my bag and run away from here (Photo credit: instagram)

Nora further said, the casting director told me, many people like you come here, our industry has become troubled by people like you. We do not want people like you. Nora further said, the casting director was shouting loudly at me that you are talentless, we don’t want people like you. (Photo credit: instagram)

Nora came home to meet the casting director after this incident and cried a lot. Nora said that she did not go to that casting director herself to ask for work. He was called and called. Nora did not even know who she was. (Photo credit: instagram)

After this bad experience Nora felt that all the people in India called their house and treated people like this? However, only after going through this incident and many such bad experiences, Nora is at that stage where people have to make many papad to reach. (Photo credit: instagram)

With his best dance, now people know him not only in India but around the world. Nora has done a tremendous dance on many great songs. (Photo credit: instagram)



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