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Nora Fatehi’s dance on ‘Saki Saki’ with Gauhar’s brother-in-law goes viral

Nora Fatehi Dance Video: Gauhar Khan’s brother-in-law Zaid Darbar is a very good dancer. Their pairing together with Nora Fatehi also hangs on. Here is one such video in which both of them have done a cool dance on ‘Saki-Saki’.

Nora Fatehi’s dance videos are well liked on social media. He has a tremendous fan following. At the same time, Gauhar Khan’s brother-in-law Abej Darbar is also an amazing dancer. A dance video of her with Nora is becoming very viral. In this, Nora and Aves have danced to the song Saki-saki.

Mast Dance

Nora and Abej Durbar have done many dance videos together on Saki-Saki . His ‘Saki-Saki’ dance video is being watched a lot. Gauhar’s brother-in-law is the Awez Durbar choreographer. At the same time, Nora is very popular among the people for her special dance moves.

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Nora and Guru’s ‘Nach Meri Rani’ is hit

Nora and Guru Randhawa’s video song ‘Nach Meri Rani’ was well liked by the people. The combo of Nora’s dance and Guru’s voice has been a hit and people have copied its hook steps a lot.

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