Not only was Kareena Kapoor’s younger son, the whole family looked like a child in Timur’s childhood.


Randhir Kapoor shared pictures of a child on Instagram and then deleted them. It is believed that these were pictures of Kareena’s younger son. People are mixing the face of the child with Taimur. Here are the childhood photos from the Kapoor family to Saif, in which copies of Sab Timur are seen.

To begin with Timur’s mother Kareena Kapoor, many of her childhood pictures have gone viral, including her looks with her son Tim.

Talk about Timur’s father, this picture is from Saif. Kareena Kapoor herself has shared this picture on her Instagram in which she looks like Taimur.

This picture is of Soha Ali Khan’s daughter Inaya with Taimur. Inaya and Taimur’s childhood looks a lot.

If you see Kareena’s dad Randhir Kapoor, then you will also see a glimpse of Timur in him. Randhir appears to be the older version of Timur.

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