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Now put petrol in the car directly from FASTag, know how it will work

Now you can also get petrol filled with FASTag. Currently, FASTag is being used to pay toll tax at toll plazas and in many places, parking is also being paid through FASTag. At petrol pumps also, arrangements are being made for payment through FASTag, so that you will not have to bother much to get petrol and money will be deducted from your FASTag account.

FASTag is linked to your bank account, so by scanning the number plate of this vehicle, you can also pay your diesel, petrol or lubricant bill. The provision of OTP has also been made to prevent fraud.

Facility will be available at Indian Oil’s petrol pumps

Indian Oil and ICICI Bank have come together for this facility.

Under this, you will be able to make cashless and contactless payments at all petrol pumps of Indian Oil. FASTag users of ICICI Bank will be able to make payments at Indian Oil petrol pumps through FASTag only. In such a situation, when you fill petrol in the car, money will be deducted from your fastag account. Right now it is being arranged at many retail outlets of Indian Oil.

You can make payment like this

According to the reports, to make payment with FASTag, you have to follow a process. To take advantage of this facility, first the customer will have to inform the employee filling petrol at the petrol pump that you will pay through FASTag. After this, that employee will scan the FASTag installed on your car, after which an OTP will come automatically. When this OTP is entered in the POS machine only then the transaction will be completed. The use of FASTag at the petrol pump will not be like a toll plaza.



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