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Now the time has come for Kapil Sharma to quit his stupidity and work on the real humer

Kapil Sharma. About ten years ago he came into the limelight after winning ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’. Has been doing comedy since then. His Kapil Sharma Show and Comedy Nights with Kapil were very popular shows. Now Kapil has announced a new show on Netflix. Through the video, he gave this message.

The complete information about what the show will be like, how it will be has not been revealed. Will it be a stand up special, like Netflix has done before (Aditi Mittal, Hanna Gadsby) or will it be a show running in the series, there is no confirmation about it. But there are some things that Kapil Sharma should give up in his new show.

1. Sexism

That is, discrimination on the basis of gender in women and men. In which most of the women are depicted. In the old shows of Kapil, the women on his set have been mocked in a very derogatory manner. Shumona Chakraborty’s character, showing Bhuri an idiot, making fun of her lips, is being presented under the cover of the alleged Humor. Not only Kapil Sharma, the guests coming on his show have also participated in it and they get laughter in response from the audience. Like when Sanjay Dutt came on Kapil Sharma’s show to promote his film ‘Panipat’, then Kapil cracked a joke with him about his previous film ‘Sanju’. In that film, Sanjay Dutt was said to have 308 girlfriends. When Kapil asked Sanjay Dutt about this, Sanjay replied, that this count can continue even further. There was a lot of anger about this show of the show. not only this, Once former AAP leader and poet Kumar Vishwas came on the show. He read a poem in which married women were said to be equal. A woman from Delhi had also filed a complaint on this. On the show, Ali Asgar, who used to play Kapil’s grandmother, was also repeatedly let down. The same thing would happen with Bua (Upasana Singh). It was shown in the show that now she is old, she is not married yet, so she would be seen flirting with every other person. Which is colloquially called ‘Desperate’. So she was seen flirting with every other person. Which is colloquially called ‘Desperate’. So she was seen flirting with every other person. Which is colloquially called ‘Desperate’.

2. Body shaming

That is to make fun of someone’s body. Even with Shumona Chakraborty, this thing has happened many times on the show. Regarding their height. Or there have been lewd comments about Kiku Sharda’s weight. He was also trolled many times for Bharti Singh’s weight. During the question-and-answer segment, we would also get to hear from the audience of similar comment shows. Not only this, but it is also part of Kapil Sharma’s show to humiliate people about their looks, and at times mocking the regular characters of the show in front of celebrity guests. Because they do not look like celebrities as ‘beautiful’ and attractive.

3. Amorphous Cross Dressing

It is not new or wrong for women to dress like men and men to dress like women. Many shows use it. It is also used for Humor abroad. It also has importance beyond the humer. Wearing men’s clothes and wearing bold makeup is called ‘drag’ culture. Very popular in India and abroad. But the comedy of Kapil Sharma’s show appears to be running on insult, not on humor. Where men wear women’s clothes all over is laughable, or funny. Goya’s manhood has been dragged down a bit. Wearing such clothes, these things are the hallmarks of Sunil Grover (Guththi), and Krishna Abhishek (Sapna).

In all the previous comedy shows of Kapil Sharma, there has been some problem in all. Sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. But even after coming into the third decade of the 21st century, if the same inferior goods will be served, then it is nothing less than a waste of both time and money.


Now all that can be expected is that in view of the young audience of Netflix, Kapil should give up fluttering and work on the real humor.




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