Now transfer money through WhatsApp, this is the easiest way


After a long wait, finally this year WhatsApp started the money transfer service. WhatsApp is a UPI based payment service. It is currently working with HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Axis Bank and Airtel Payments. Through this, users can link their UPI-enabled bank account and send money through WhatsApp.

This is how WhatsApp-Pay works

To avail the payment service, first update the WhatsApp app. Now open it and tap on the three dot icon on the right. Here you will see the payment option. It has to be tapped on ad payment method. Then click on Accept and Continue. Now a list of banks will be found from which to choose.

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Create upi pin

After selecting the bank, your number (linked to the bank account) will be verified. An SMS will be sent to your number for verification. After the verification process is complete, you need to set a UPI PIN, which is used at the time of payment.

Send amount with one click

After that open WhatsApp and go to the contact you want to send money to. Then tapping on the attachment icon below will show the gallery and document as well as the payment option. Now enter the amount you want to send and enter the UPI PIN, the money will be transferred immediately.

Relief: Google-Pay customers in India will not charge fees

Google on Wednesday clarified that users will not have to pay any fees for remittance through its payment platform in India. Last week, Google announced that it would offer the new Google Pay app on Android and iOS next year and according to the report Google Pay would also charge for instant remittance. A Google spokesperson said that this fee is exclusively for the US and does not apply to Google Pay or Google Pay for Business app in India.


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