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NPS Account: How to activate freeze national pension system account online, here is step by step process

NPS Account: In today’s time, all people do many types of planning regarding their future. Many people take insurance plans, while many people take retirement planning. But the problem arises when your retirement plan gets stopped due to some reason. If your National Pension System has been activated due to any reason, then now you can easily activate it again. Let’s know how…

Have to invest so much

There are many schemes for retirement savings. National Pension System (NPS) is one of them. You can put money in NPS in two ways. In this, the first is Tier 1 and the second is Tier 2. At the time of opening the account, you have to invest Rs 500 in Tier 1. After this, 1000 rupees have to be put in Tier 2. You have to make this contribution every financial year.

Account gets frozen

If you do not do this then your account and PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) are deactivated. These accounts have been ‘frozen’.

How to give application?

To remove your account from frozen, you have to fill the form UOS-S10-A. You get this form from the post office. Or you can take this form from where your NPS is running. Or you can also download online.

Download Online From Here

For this, click on this link

Documents will be needed

A copy of the subscriber’s PRAN card has to be attached along with the form.

Have to pay penalty

When you unfreeze your account, you have to deposit Rs 500 in the account and also pay a penalty of Rs 100.

How is the verification done?

After submitting the application, your account is verified by the officials of the office. After this your application is processed and PRAN is activated.

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