NPS Nomination: Rules And Procedure To Change Nominee Online

NPS Nomination: Rules And Procedure To Change Nominee Online

Making a nominee switch to the NPS account will now become significantly simpler. Instead of manually sending the nomination application form to request for a nominee change, you can do it online according to the memorandum released on September 3, 2020 by PFRDA. According to the circular, you can change your nominee details through the online facility by using your login credentials. So let’s find the steps and rules applicable for NPS nomination change online.

  • In case you are an NPS subscriber you need to use the login credentials in order to use the respective CRA system.
  • Now you need to select the  ‘Update Personal Details’ option under the ‘Demographic changes’ tab.
  • Now a modification screen will appear with numerous options, you need to select the ‘Add/Update Nominee details’ option and then you have to opt ‘Tier type’ for which you want to update the details of your nominee. 
  • Now you need to enter all the required details of your nominee on the required field and then you need to hit the ‘Save’ menu.
  • Once the submitted details are verified an OTP will be generated on your registered mobile number and you need to enter the generated OTP on the required field
  • Once the OTP is verified you need to e-Sign by opting the ’e-sign and download’ option in order to authenticate the changes
  • Now you will be redirected to the ’e signature service provider’s’ page where you need to authenticate your Aadhaar/ Virtual ID. 
  • Now click on ’send OTP’ option and an OTP will be generated on your mobile number by UIDAI. Enter the OTP on the required field and click on ‘Verify OTP.
  • Once the OTP is verified the details of your nominee will be updated in the NPS database. The request need to be approved by the associated Nodal Office/Corporate before the update, in case of Government/Identified Corporate sector subscribers.  

Rules for NPS Nomination

  • On the death of the subscriber, the nominee or nominees under NPS will be eligible to claim the corpus from the NPS account of the subscriber
  • If at the time of rendering a nomination, if a subscriber has a family, the nominee shall be in favour of one or more individuals related to his family. Any nomination made in favour of a person not relating to his family will be considered as illegitimate.
  • The subscriber must make a fresh nomination on his marriage, and any nomination made before the marriage will be considered unlawful. 
  • In case the subscriber has no family at the time of making a nomination, the nomination can be done in favour of any individual. But if the subscriber later acquires a family, the nomination will automatically be considered illegitimate and the subscriber needs to make a fresh nomination in favour of one or more individuals belonging to his / her family member.
  • Family members of a male subscriber include his lawfully married wife, his married or unmarried children, parents or widow.
  • Family members of a female subscriber include her lawfully married husband, her married or unmarried children, her parents, parents of her husband, or any.
  • In case the child of a subscriber [or, as the case may be, the child of the subscriber’s deceased son] has been adopted by another individual, and if adoption is lawfully recognised under the adopter’s personal stance, that child shall be considered as exempted from the subscriber’s family, applicable for both male and female subscriber.
  • In case the nomination is in favour of a minor in whole or in half, the subscriber may nominate a different person from his family to be the guardian of the minor nominee in the event that the subscriber predeceases the nominee. The subscriber can nominate some other person to be the guardian of the minor candidate at his or her sole discretion, in case there is no major individual in the family. 
  • A subscriber can change the nominee of his / her account anytime. If a subscriber declares her intention to dislodge her husband from the family by a note in writing to the approved representative for the intention, the husband and his respective parents shall no longer be considered as a part of the subscriber’s family for the sake of this System, unless the subscriber expressly cancels any such declaration in written form. 



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