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OMG! Chunky Pandey’s niece came to the party without wearing an underg**arment, then accompanied her…

The way Bollywood stars remain in the headlines for one or the other reasons, now even these Bollywood star kids are not able to keep themselves away from this glamor world. It decreases along with it, due to which they come under the target of the media, that is why it is now proving right to say that even the stars and their kids are leaving no stone unturned to make themselves look glamorous.

Recently, there was a lot of discussion going on about Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana and many of her bo*ld pictures were also being shared on social media, similarly many star kids from Suhana to Sara share their bo*ldness and glam. ‘R’s always remain a part of viral news about their look and pictures and remain in the discussion.

Another similar news is coming which is related to the star kid of Bollywood, which has become very popular on social media and is making a lot of headlines. Actually this star kid is none other than the well-known actor of the film world, Chunky. Pandey ji’s niece is Alana Pandey. Let us tell you that Alana often shares her bo*ldness pictures on Instagram, due to which she always remains in the discussion. Chunky Pandey’s niece Alana is very fashionable and at this time she is also studying from London School of Fashion.

Seeing the pictures that Alana has shared on social media for the last few months, her bo*ldness can be gauged. Actually, a few months ago, Alana had reached the Philippines with her boyfriend and she also posted pictures there on Instagram. In which she was seen in a very bo*ld avatar.

Seeing the way Alana is sharing her very bo*ld pictures on her social media account these days, it seems that she wants to make her place in Bollywood by showing herself as bo*ld as the rest of the star kids. Let us tell you that all the pictures of Alana that have come out on social media so far, in those saree pictures, Alana has got her photo shoot done in bo*ld look only.

It is worth noting that these days like Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana and Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara, Alana also keeps sharing such pictures to become famous. Alana is Chunky Pandey’s niece and is currently trying to make her mark in Bollywood.

Well, this is the first thing related to Alana’s life, the latest case that has come to the fore is of Alana’s brother’s birthday party, where Alana has to face a lot of embarrassment because of her own dress. Actually, the dress that Alana was wearing in this party was too open. And a video of this party is going viral in which it is clearly visible that Alana has probably forgotten to wear underg**arments under her dress in order to show her bo*ldness and sexy avatar.

Although it can be said that Alana must have done this deliberately to show her bo*ldness, because Alana has already shared many pictures of her bo*ld look. But, how successful this method of Alana is to make her mark in Bollywood, nothing can be said and only time will tell how successful she is.

Note: This news has been made on the basis of information received from the website. Informalnewz does not confirm this from its side.



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