Once upon a time, the weight of Nita Ambani was 90 kg … Weight loss by drinking beet juice daily, fit at the age of 57


Health desk. Obesity is a serious problem. If older people are overweight, they do not try to gain weight. But some celebrities have given a competition to the youth in terms of fitness after the age of 40. Stars like Anil Kapoor, Neeta Ambani, Shilpa Shetty, Fardeen Khan, Adnan Sami Milind Shomon are examples of this. Seeing their favorite celebrities, people start thinking how do they keep themselves fit? It also includes Business Woman and wife of the country’s biggest businessman Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani. Nita’s fitness and facial glow make women think how she looks so fit and beautiful at the age of 57? At one time, Nita Ambani’s weight was 90 kg. He made himself a superfit by following a few secret things. That’s why we have brought the story of Nita Ambani’s weight loss today –

Nita Ambani is very fond of expensive brand sandals. She wears the sandals of the world’s most expensive brands. Their initial price is around 5 lakh rupees. Nita Ambani likes to wear shoes and sandals from brands like Pedro, Garcia, Jimmu Chu, Palomoda, Marlin.

During an interview a few years ago, Neeta said that when she was married, she weighed 47kg but when she had three children, the weight had risen to 90kg.

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When Nita was asked who is responsible for your weight loss. He clearly said that no one else but my younger son Anant is the inspiration behind it. The younger son has supported him a lot in weight loss and staying fit.

What did Nita Ambani do to lose weight?

Nita Ambani has kept herself very fit even at this age and the secret behind it is her diet and lifestyle changes. Nita Ambani started consuming too many fruits, vegetables and nuts to lose weight. Along with this, she also does regular exercises. Which includes yoga, swimming and gym workouts.

Nita spends 40 minutes every morning exercising, yoga and swimming. This accelerates their fat burning process which helps in reducing more and more calories. After the work is over, Neeta does a 30-minute exercise and yoga in the evening.

According to fitness experts, the best exercise running is considered to be the best for weight loss. A lot of calories can be burned with this. Also, if diet is taken care of, it can reduce weight rapidly. Neeta has also made herself fit by focusing on running and diet.

Neeta starts the day by eating almonds and walnuts. Egg white omelette is taken in the morning breakfast. Also, you include many healthy things in your diet throughout the day. The amount of carbs (carbohydrates) is very low in them.

Lunch time includes more and more green vegetables and soups. Paneer or protein rich snacks are served around 4:30 pm. The dinner includes green vegetables, soups and sprouts at dinner.

Weight loss from beet juice

Beetroot has greatly helped in reducing the weight of Nita Ambani. Nita Ambani drinks one to two glasses of beetroot juice every day to lose weight. Beet juice not only detoxes the body but also works to keep the stomach clean. There is no fat in it and calories are also very small. Due to which it is very helpful in reducing weight. Beetroot is full of nutrients.

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