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‘One India One Ticket’ launched, Metro token will be booked along with train ticket, Details here

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Indian Railways have jointly given a gift to the passengers. Passengers booking tickets from IRCTC can now also book QR code tokens of Delhi Metro. Let us know about this facility..

Passengers traveling by both railways and metros in India are going to have a great time. After the launch of the amazing facility of One India One Ticket, now tickets for both train and metro can be booked together several months in advance and the journey can be made very easy. IRCTC and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation have started this facility for the passengers. Let’s know about it..

Indian Railways and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation keep bringing new facilities for the convenience of passengers. Now in this sequence, IRCTC and DMRC have jointly launched One India One Ticket. Let us tell you that this facility has been started in Delhi-NCR area to provide comfortable travel to the passengers from the main line of the railway and the metro connected to it.

Under One India One Ticket, just like passengers book train tickets from IRCTC, now they will be able to book Delhi Metro tickets from IRCTC website or mobile app to reach home from the railway station at the same time. And the special thing is that this token with Delhi Metro QR code will also be visible on the passenger’s online train ticket as soon as it is booked, so that one can travel in Delhi Metro with the QR code of the metro train recorded on it. In this way, after getting off the train, the passenger will not have to stand in a separate line to get a ticket in the metro. Rather, the same booked ticket will make the journey easy.

Tickets can be booked 4 months in advance

In the information given by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, it was told that these QR code based tickets of metro can be booked from IRCTC website up to 120 days in advance i.e. about 4 months in advance and will remain valid for the next 4 days. So that even if the train is getting late, this ticket does not go waste and passengers can take advantage of it.

Will be printed on electronic slip

This token with QR code of Delhi Metro will also be printed on the electronic reservation slip of IRCTC of the passenger. This will be based on one QR code for one passenger. Let us tell you that this is being done for the first time by the Center for Railway Information System, IRCTC and Metro. This will be of great benefit to the passengers. Its beta version has been launched. During this, IRCTC CMD Sanjay Kumar Jain, DMRC MD Vikas Kumar said that after the success of the beta version, its regular version will also be launched soon.

This is the rule till now

Till now, single journey ticket in Delhi Metro can be booked only on the day of travel, which is also valid for that day only. But now after this facility, if booked with railway ticket, then you will also get the facility of a valid ticket for 120 days. Not only this, the facility of ticket cancellation will also be flexible.

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