One Nation One Ration Card: Countrymen will benefit from PM Modi’s announcement, know how ration card is important for PMGKY …


One Nation One Ration Card: Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the country for the sixth time in the Corona era on Tuesday, to provide free food grains at a cost of Rs 90,000 crore to 80 crore people of the country under the PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana till November. Has announced The benefit of this scheme of the government will be given to the poor through One Nation One Ration Card scheme. The government has implemented the ‘One Nation One Ration Card Scheme’ scheme in the country from June 1. The benefit of this scheme of the government will be available to all those who have a ration card. The special thing is that under this scheme, the migrant workers will get the most benefit. Under this scheme, people who make ration cards will get grain (wheat-rice) in any state at subsidized rates, but whether the benefit of ration card is not limited to wheat-rice at subsidized rates or free of cost. It has many other benefits. Come,

Actually, this scheme is like Mobile Number Portability (MNP). Your number does not change in the mobile port and you talk to the same number across the country. Likewise, your ration card will not change in ration card portability. If you understand in easy language, you can use your ration card when going from one state to another. Government ration can also be purchased from other states with this card.

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It will be needed to avail benefits: if you want you to get the benefit of One Nation One Ration Card. If you can get ration in any part of the country at a cheaper rate, for this you must have two documents required. First is your ration card and second is the Aadhaar card. In fact, if you take the facility of portability under this scheme, that is, you want to go to another state and take advantage of ration card, then your verification will be done on the basis of Aadhaar number. Every ration card shop of PDS will have an electronics point of sale device and from that the verification of the beneficiary will be done on the basis of its Aadhaar number. Therefore you will need to keep your ration card and Aadhaar card together.

There is a documented use of ration card in many places: Actually, ration card is a voluntary document and it is not necessary for every citizen of the country to make it. Ration card is a government document, with the help of which wheat and rice are made available at discounted rates from the fair price shops of the Public Distribution System (PDS). At the same time, it is also used in many places as an ID Proof or Address Proof. It also shows the economic status of the citizen.

Where – Where ID is used as proof or address proof: In our country India, ration card is often used as ID proof or address proof. If someone wants to open an account in a bank, enroll the children in school-college, get LPG gas connection, get a driving license, get a residence certificate in a government document, get a voter ID card, buy a SIM card If you want to get a passport, take a life insurance policy, get a landline connection, get a brandband or wifi, make an Aadhaar card or update its details and get a PAN card, then they need a ration card.

Whose ration card can be made: Ration card cannot be made for everyone in India. It is only for a certain income group, the extent of which varies from state to state. Generally in India, different types of ration cards are issued to people from above poverty line (APL), below poverty line (BPL) and Antyodaya families. Under Antyodaya scheme, those who make ration cards are placed in the category of the very poor.

Benefit under One Nation One Ration Card Scheme: Let us know that under Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana by PM Modi, in the name of the nation, 80 crore families, five kg rice, five kg wheat, one kg till November It has been announced to give pulses and one kg of gram for free, for that it is necessary for the beneficiaries to have a ration card. For this, the Prime Minister has also said that the government has started the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme, which will benefit people.

What are generally required to make a ration card:

To get a ration card, a person must be a citizen of India.

The person should not have ration card of any other state.

On whose name a ration card is being made, his age should be more than 18 years.

Children under 18 years of age are included in the parents’ ration card.

A family has a ration card in the name of the head of the family.

The members who are being included in the ration card must have a close relationship with the head of the family.

No member of the family should have a name in any ration card before that.


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