Online Housing Festival to begin soon in the country, know what will be special

  • Naredco Housing for All website launched by Ministry of Urban Development
  • Online Housing Festival to be held on Naredco Housing for All website
  • More than 250 projects have been done on Naredco Housing for All website Live

new Delhi. The real estate and housing sector of the country has suffered a tremendous setback due to the Corona virus. Which is a big effort towards the government to boost. The online housing festival is going to be organized in the country soon. Which will be organized by NAREDCO. In which the country’s developers will offer 2.70 lakh ready to move homes for sale. This online housing festival will be the first and largest in the country. Let us also tell you about this festival…

Announced by the Ministry,
this housing festival will be organized by the National Real Estate Development Council ie NAREDCO. All real estate developers in the country will place their projects and homes for sale on the e-commerce marketplace under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. In ‘Naredco Housing for All’, the developers will give information about the features of the houses and all those essential things. Affordable housing properties worth more than Rs 1.21 lakh crore will be available for sale in the online festival. International users will also be given the opportunity to buy a house in any corner of the country. Who will be registered with RERA.

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Migrant laborers will get a lot of help The
country’s Housing and Urban Housing Minister Hardeep Singh Puri announced the launch of the e-commerce portal and announced the launch of the Affordable Rental Housing Policy Knowledge Pack as well. Under this, people living in the city will get an opportunity to join with Affordable Rental Housing. Hardeep Singh Puri Affordable Rental Housing Policy is very important for migrant laborers who are unable to buy a house. At the same time, young professionals working in the cities will also get the opportunity to buy their dream home. 100% will be implemented in the rental housing sector soon. Puri said that on the lines of the aviation ministry, quick decisions in the real estate sector will be made into ‘permanent working groups’.

Expectations from Online Festivals According to Naredco
and Assocham President Niranjan Hiranandani, it is important to increase demand in the real estate sector. Unlocked housing units along with unlocking their capacities are also a solution. He said that E-Market Place will not only make selling procedures easy, but will also build confidence in consumers, developers, banks and financial institutions. On the other hand, NAREDCO Chairman Rajiv Talwar says that due to Corona Wirey, the workers and poor had to do reverse migration. The Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme-Urban has been approved for this in the future.

Some such facilities will be available
– NAREDCO Housing for All portal will give home buyers the option to buy houses at the right prices.
– Will give safe platforms to people living in any corner of the world.
– The inventory turnover of developers will also decrease, which will improve their cash flow.
– More than 250 projects have gone live on the portal.
– Portal will display RERA registered projects.
– All projects listed on the site will be accompanied by third party verification.
– Home buyers will be able to find the best prices, home loan offers.
– Will be able to book the property directly with the developers online.
Like buying goods on other e-commerce website, this portal will also provide facilities like cash back and price match guarantee.
– Developers will be helped in reducing cost pressures and most urgent capital liquidity pressures along with initiatives like sales and marketing.


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