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Pakistan Ban Social Media: YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok banned in Pakistan! Know the reason

Pakistan Ban Social Media: X (Twitter) is already banned in Pakistan and now YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok have also been banned. Let us tell you the reason for this.

Pakistan Ban Social Media: Something or the other keeps happening in Pakistan every day. Now the Shahbaz government of Pakistan has banned social media for 6 days. Let us tell you that micro-blogging site X (formerly known as Twitter) has been banned in Pakistan for the last four months.

After this new announcement of the Shahbaz government, people there will not be able to use YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This ban will remain from July 13 to July 18. The reason behind banning social media is said to be to stop messages and videos spreading hatred.

Why was social media banned in Pakistan?

The Shahbaz government has said that the reason behind the ban is the hatred and disgust being spread on social media. It is necessary to control social media so that no incident of any kind takes place during the holy month of Ramadan.

This notification was issued late Thursday night. According to Pakistani newspapers, Maryam Nawaz has said that this decision has been taken to control hate-mongering content and misinformation on social media and to avoid communal violence.

Pakistani army calls social media digital terrorism

This is not the first time that there has been talk of completely banning social media in Pakistan. The army chief there, General Asim Munir, has already called social media digital terrorism.

According to him, Pakistan needs to deal with social media platforms. Pakistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar has also advocated a complete ban on social media. In February, the Shahbaz government had banned X over allegations of altering the results of the general elections.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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