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Patna News: 40-member central team landed for cleanliness check of Patna today;

Patna,Cleanliness Survey-2021 is going on. Meanwhile, a 40-member central team has reached the Patna Municipal Corporation to investigate the claim. The team reached Patna on Wednesday evening. Since Thursday morning, the team has left the streets, roads and slum areas of Patna. Gurdnibagh Secondary Garbage Point Checked. Plastic processing unit, investigated how to separate wet-dry waste. During the investigation, the team denied the corporation officials to come around.

Municipal claims investigation

The Quality Control of India team is investigating the municipal corporation’s claim. Additional Municipal Commissioner, Safai Sheela Irani and Additional Municipal Commissioner Revenue Devendra Prasad Tiwari also landed in the field on the arrival of the central team. The results of the Cleanliness Survey 2021 are expected in the end of April or the first week of May. The cleanliness survey is scheduled to run till 31 March. The central team is also taking feedback from Patnaites.

Sanitation set up

With the information about the arrival of the central team, the executive officers of all the zones of Patna Municipal Corporation went out in their respective areas on Thursday itself. Special cleaning operations were carried out in all areas from slum settlement. Sweeping machines cleared the roads.

Please tell that Patna Municipal Corporation ODF Plus has been declared. The team is taking stock of public toilets, improvement in the condition of slum area, sanitation system of Patna city, collection and management of wet-dry waste separately. The team also inspected recycle of dirty water

Patna ranked 47th last year.

53 cities in the country are participating in the Cleanliness Survey 2021. Last year, 47 cities ran and Patna was the last, i.e. 47th. This time Patna Municipal Corporation has been trying for a long time to earn points. With the goal of coming to Patna in the top 20, work is being done. The cleanliness survey is to last until 31 March 2021. Patnais have 950 marks in their hands. A 600 number is included on giving an on-line feedback to eight questions. In this, the points of the central team will also be added. The cleanliness app is about to get 350 marks for filing a complaint.



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