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Pawan Singh got furious in the live video itself, threatened to kill, watch the video

Pawan Singh came live on March 18 after Holi Celebration 2022 so that he could thank the fans, but during this live the actor suddenly flared up and started threatening to kill someone.

New Delhi: Famous actor and singer Pawan Singh of Bhojpuri cinema is famous for his songs. But recently he is coming into the limelight due to his viral video, in which he is threatening to kill someone. This video of Pawan Singh is after Holi, when he made a live video to talk to his fans.

Did live after holi

Pawan Singh came live after Holi Celebration 2022 on March 18 so that he could thank the fans that his song ‘Falana Bo Farar Bhaili’ was number-1 even after Holi. But is trending on youtube. During this, he expressed his gratitude to the fans, but suddenly he got angry and even threatened to kill any person in anger. Although, he deleted this video of him, but before that it had been shared by all the Instagram accounts, which is now going viral in short clips.

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Threatened to kill

By coming Instagram live, Pawan Singh (Pawan Singh instagram live video) first talks to the fans and expresses his gratitude for trending the Bhojpuri song ‘Falana Bo Farar Bhaili’ at number one even after Holi. And says, ‘This is happening for the first time in history, when a song is trending at number one after Holi. I bow down in front of all of you my brother.’ Am. Aa more eccentricity and then thinking about your condition. Yeh hai, woh hai, this hai that hai… Bahut maar mareb. Pawan Singh name is ours. No one is this. Praise the one whose fan you are. Keep it here, but don’t complain about anyone else. Don’t kill a lot. Stay in Gurgaon, son. Saying so, this video of him is going viral. For whom and why did he say this, which is not clear, nor has anything been said from the actor about this matter.

Holi song was a huge hit

Sources further say, ‘The Holi Song of Pawan Singh Holi Song, released before Holi, ‘Falana Bo Faraar Bhaili’ has become quite viral. This song has remained in number one trending in YouTube music section for 1 week in a row. Which some people are not able to digest and have started doing negative publicity through social media. Sometimes it is said that this is fake views and sometimes it is said that Pawan Singh does paid trending, keeps disturbing Pawan Singh by posting and commenting like this.’ So after Holi, Pawan Singh comes live and congratulates his fans Holi. Giving thanks to the song ‘Falana Bo Faraar Bhaili’ for trending since 1 week and in the second moment Pawan Singh is seen explaining to the opponents. Till now his reaction regarding this matter is yet to come.



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