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Pension can stop you from losing PPO number, know how you can get it again from EPFO

PPO number is a unique number given by EPFO. Through this, you can take advantage of other facilities including checking the pension status.

Pension is received by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) after the employee retires. To identify the beneficiary, a special number is given by the EPFO, which is called the Pension Payment Order (PPO) number. Pension is available only through this. If someone’s PPO number is lost, the pension can stop. If this has happened to you too, then there is no need to panic. You can regain it by following some procedures.

The EPFO provides the facility to retake PPO numbers. The good thing is that for this you do not even need to go anywhere. You can achieve this through a digital platform sitting at home.

Why PPO Number is Important

The PPO number is 12 digits. This is important because it is through this that the Central Pension Accounting Office is contacted. This is a kind of reference number. The PPO number is required to be entered in the pensioner’s passbook. PPO number is also required if you have to transfer your account to another branch of a bank. Apart from this, it is mandatory to give PPO number in EPFO ​​for pension related complaint. Apart from this, it is very important to write this number even while looking at the pension status and submitting the life proof every year.

What to do if you lose your number

  • If you have lost PPO number by mistake, then visit the official website of Employees Provident Fund Organization to get it again. Here
  • Click on the option of ‘Pensioners Portal’ in the ‘Online Services’ section.
  • A new page will open as you do so. Here you have to click on Know Your PPO No. Here enter your bank account number which is linked to your pension fund. If you want, you can also search by entering your PF number. After filling all the details, submit it. As soon as you do this, you will see the PPO number.



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